Free software through which we communicate during online training and connect through videoconferences to hold virtual meetings.

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Free software through which presentations and training are made online.

1 Download the application here if you do not have it.
2 Its function is: to facilitate remote control between two distant users (for training) and to visualize on a screen or on several what is being done on a remote computer (for presentations).

Teowin Design, a 3D software for interior design, presentations creation and quotation calculation.


Teowin Manufacturing, a software specialised in integrated management for furniture factories and product engineering.


A COMPLETE SOLUTION for furniture makers. Design, management, control and planning, all in one software solution.

Teowin, a 3D software specialised in interior design and furniture manufacturing, tailored for woodworking, furniture and interior design professionals.

The comprehensive solution to manage from A to Z your custom-made furniture design, manufacturing and marketing projects.

Draw in 3D

Teowin Design is the most intuitive and user-friendly 3D software on the market for carrying interior design projects. Its prime objective is to help and guide furniture manufacturing and design professionals to create 3D projects in record time, while guaranteeing spectacular results.

  • Draw directly in 3D
  • Make your work easier thanks to its many automated features
  • Enjoy a fully operational tool from day one
  • Enrich your library with textures and 3D objects without limitation
  • Obtain spectacular results
  • Generate your quotes automatically
  • Enhance your solution with other management tools

Draw, manufacture and calculate

Teowin Manufacturing is the most comprehensive specialised software for furniture manufacturers. Its prime objective is to facilitate and coordinate all their tasks.

  • Easily control all your products parameters (furniture engineering)
  • Issue all the technical and commercial information on your furniture items
  • Optimise materials and issue bill of materials and machining calculations with a single click
  • Connect it to all the factory machines
  • Control your costs
  • Manage your sales and purchases
  • Enhance your solution with other management tools

Draw, manage, control and plan

Union is strength. This is why Teowin ERP offers a all-in-one solution to manage a whole furniture factory. It is, without a doubt, the most specialised and comprehensive solution on the market, able to coordinate the information flow between all the factory's departments and automate all daily low value-added tasks.

  • Create new products with all their variants (furniture engineering)
  • Manage new orders entries manually or automatically
  • Calculate and plan all the factory's workflow
  • Manage and control staff and payroll
  • Manage your inventory
  • Control and structure sales and purchases
  • Other major features available

Installation and training

The software package purchase includes personal technical assistance to guide you through Teowin's installation process and walk you through the set up.

Once the installation is complete, a technician will show you how to access the various tools and help resources. Then you will schedule together your first online training course, during which a trainer will introduce you to the software operation.

The number of training sessions included varies with the number of modules ordered. The more comprehensive your software solution is, the more training hours you will be granted.

Maintenance and support agreement

In addition to our software, we offer an annual technical support package dedicated to the customers. The first year, this service is included in the software package purchase.

Our technical department is at your disposal at any time to address your doubts regarding Teowin's operation, to solve possible malfunctions, welcome your improvements suggestions, assist you during reinstallations, or deal with any other information needs related to the software.

In addition, this contract ensures you will enjoy the very last version of Teowin, as it includes all new features released during the term of the contract. A number of these new features are available via TeoService, the application enabling you to download the latest updates, such as software enhancements, market-related adjustments (for instance, a new VAT rate), or data updates (like new features in the manufacturers' catalogues).

Software customisation and adaptation

Teowin is a specialised software addressing all the challenges of the furniture industry. But each client has different needs, and it is sometimes necessary to customise or adapt the software.

A first adaptation is included in the software package purchase in order to adapt the set up to your needs. Most often, you will want to customise the external forms delivered to third parties (quotes, invoices, delivery notes, etc.) or the internal workflow lists (assembly list, cut list, etc.).

Some customers have a specific operating mode or unique products, and request special services meeting their particular needs. In that case, Simsa can offer custom development services, handled by Teowin developers and available only to the customer who originally requested it.

Implementation and deployment service

All manufacturers getting started with our Teowin tool must integrate their production system into the software.

In order to facilitate this task, personal tutoring is included in the software package purchase. The tutor trains users and guides them through the data input process for optimal implementation.

His purpose is to make the software operational without delay. In some cases, a partial implementation is preferable in the first instance to ensure early profitability.

The deployment of this factory software can therefore involve several partial implementations, if part of a global strategy. This method is relevant if the factory gains productivity and efficiency at every stage of the start-up.

Personalised training and advisory role

Every company has a unique ecosystem, and different situations call for appropriate responses.

Simsa and its network of distributors offer several tailor-made training packages or customised implementation packages, to be implemented in-person on remotely, on-site or at our premises in Barcelona.

For every issue there's a solution: let us know your specific needs, and together we will choose the best option for you.

Catalogue import and management

Furniture professionals typically work with their own catalogues or those of their suppliers. Teowin includes a vast collection of catalogues that can be imported automatically.

In case the catalogue you are working with is not part of our collection, Simsa can prove you with a dedicated Catalogue Service to address these specific requests (this service is not included in the software package purchase).










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