Los fundadores

Teowin was created by its founders Jordi Fuertes and Conxita Labrador, who had the idea of streamlining the work of companies in the furniture and aluminium sector by means of user-friendly and intuitive IT solutions.

Conxita Labrador

Co-founder and finance director


Founder of the Teowin programme and the company Simsa

International team

At Simsa, we are fluent in 5 languages, which enables us to offer our services in more than 30 countries.

Our solutions are available in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. Although many of our experts come from different countries and backgrounds, they share a common passion for the furniture industry, each in their own area of expertise: development, analysis, implementation, design, training, support, communication, business development and administration.

Our Team



Mónica Fuertes

COO, Director of Operations and Products.

Pablo Solé

CCO, Sales Director 

Marçal Soler

CIO, IT and Customer Service Director

Paco Osorio

CTO, R + D Director

Patricia Monje

Head of Catalogues and Documentation

Our premises