Free software through which we communicate during online training and connect through videoconferences to hold virtual meetings.

1 Download the application here if you do not have it.
2 If you want to contact us now you can use the skype account comercial.teowin.


Free software through which presentations and training are made online.

1 Download the application here if you do not have it.
2 Its function is: to facilitate remote control between two distant users (for training) and to visualize on a screen or on several what is being done on a remote computer (for presentations).


With an increasingly international client portfolio each year, we are proud to introduce our multicultural team of more than 40 people. At Simsa, 5 languages are spoken fluently, which allows us to offer our services in more than 30 countries. Our solutions are available in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. Although many of our experts come from different countries and backgrounds, they share their passion for the furniture industry, each in their area of expertise: programming, analysis, start-up, training, support, communication, business development and administration.

Jordi Fuertes

President and Owner

Conxita Labrador

CFO, Finance Director and Owner

Robert Fuertes

CEO, Executive Director

Mónica Fuertes

COO, Operations and Product Director

Pablo Solé

CCO, Commercial Director

Marçal Soler

CIO, Technological Director and Customer Service

Paco Osorio

CTO, R + D + I Director

Edouard Mottelay

Export Manager

Patricia Monje

Head of Catalogs and Documentation
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