Teowin 8.0. the new version for March 2014

fitecma 2013

Next March, Simsa will launch the new version onto the market — Teowin 8.0., which will include a range of new developments, some of which we can unveil now:

In design:

  • The editor’s look can be changed by the user.
  • Vast improvements in the insertion of partitions. It is now possible to design an entire apartment easily.
  • New options for handles and power strips that meet the new market trends.
  • Advanced Search of decorative objects by description.
  • New wizard for the creation of automatic videos and navigations.
  • Automatic generation of quotes with the valuation of multiple models.

For manufacturers:

  • It is now possible to manufacture with multiple catalogues, with the option of defining an indefinite number of finished product and even specific catalogues for starting materials and semi-processed products.
  • New wizards, more intuitive for the insertion of drawers and interior accessories.
  • New features that facilitate the insertion of parametric processes.
  • Control of lorry loading by barcode.
  • New label format for identifying parts, which specifies: edging program, machining program and drawing of the resulting part